Teaching Multimedia Essay #1

The multimedia stories “Snow Fall,” from The New York Times, and “The Serengeti Lion,” from The National Geographic are marvelous examples of multimedia storytelling.

The combination of in-depth writing, graphic animation, photography, and video in “Snow Fall” seize the audience.

I glanced at “The Serengeti Lion,”and then was locked out of the website on my second attempt to view the story. I was prompted to subscribe to The National Geographic. I was so impressed with the quality of the story, I did so without hesitation. The images and audio are incredible.

These examples of multimedia journalism exemplify the skills I hope to share with my students. I want them to have the skillset of a multimedia producer. They should have the ability to write to engage their audience. I want them to possess an eye for design and skills in graphic software. They must be able to shoot video and still photography. They should have the ability to plan and produce across multiple platforms.

I look forward to this course enhancing my skills and teaching techniques. I hope to learn new software like Audacity, Photo Mechanic, Camtasia, and SoundCloud. I am excited about gaining experience using a DSLR with different settings and lenses.

I believe that the experiences in this course will add to my skillset. They will allow me to bring more to the classroom, and to train my students to emulate high-end multimedia productions like ”Snow Fall,” and “The Serengeti Lion.”

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