Publish Your Voice

Podcast1: Educating for Ever-Changing Media in the 21st Century

The power of audio and digital technology to create podcasts is a necessary craft for convergence journalists and multimedia producers.

National Public Radio’s journalists are impressive. They use natural sound, interviews, and the reporter’s voice to report information from around the globe.

I have a background in video production. I learned to appreciate the ability to draw a listener in. Tell a story with only audio. It is an art, like photography.

Podcasting is another tool used by NPR, along with many other radio stations, newspapers, sources of information, and entertainment.

There was a fairly steep learning curve to the many steps from writing, practicing reading, recording, saving, labeling, and posting to a blog.

This process reinforces my preference toward Apple computers. The steps getting quality audio recorded took some time, but iTunes makes it easy to post. Without iTunes, or if using a PC, the production and posting seems it would be cumbersome.

AudioBoom was not functioning correctly during the learning process. I attempted to sign up. The site was unresponsive. I tried again two days later. It did allow me to then.

That was after learning to record with software on my computer, save with iTunes, and add media to my blog on WordPress.

Recording was a challenge. A quiet house was not enough. It required a sound absorbing area. The recording process took a number for attempts, even after practicing reading the script.

Tutorials supplied by WordPress support were easy to follow. The process of saving and posting as a podcast from iTunes to WordPress is not difficult.  Take time to learn the steps. With an upgraded WordPress account, the process is similar to adding a photo to the media in a blog.

The process took time and research. It required an upgrade to a paid personal account with WordPress. Learning the process of recording a quality voice track, saving as an AAC file, adding the appropriate information in iTunes, and then linking to WordPress was challenging.

After completing the process, I feel more confidence as we continue to develop skills with audio and podcasting.

It’s getting quality work from here to there that is an art.

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