Elizabeth Chapman: Teaching Sam and Scout


The recent exercises on audio recording and podcasting have introduced me to new skills and technologies that I hope to share with my students. Beginning with recording and posting a quality voice track, then editing multiple audio tracks, and culminating in recording an interview, editing, and posting have been a quality progression in skills.

Through this experience I have developed a lesson plan for my mass communication students. Using National Public Radio podcasts as examples, students will listen to and analyze the content with discussion on storytelling using interviews, natural sound, and a reporter’s voice track.

This lesson will lead them to a project where students will select a current event from a credible news source. They will write an adapted script from the story they chose for a podcast modeled after examples from NPR that follow AP style guidelines.

Students will record their voice track in a quiet environment using our cameras, a smartphone, or even their computer. Students will then add music and natural sound to enhance their story before submitting.

The lesson will close with a demonstration of how to add audio or a podcast to a functioning website much like what we have learned.

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