Interactive Journalism Tools

1. Google Map of Roanoke County’s High Schools:

2. Poll using

3. Timeline:

Mass Comm Timeline

I have learned several things from the interactive journalism tools this week.

Making the map using Google Maps added to my knowledge and ability. I found new tools and options when creating custom maps using the Google maps application. The map allows the viewer to click on each school to display additional information including the address. I also learned how to embed the html code so the the map displays on a website though the work on the activity.

I used to create the opinion poll on the value of career and technical education.  Polldaddy makes it easy to create and embed a poll or survey to a website or share through email. I have learned that the challenging part to making a poll is structuring the question and style of answers.

Making the timeline was challenging. appeared to no longer be available. was difficult to use, and the free account did not allow posting of photos or embedding of the timeline. I sought help from my technology resource teacher who shared several other timeline creation websites. I ended up using The site was user friendly and allowed posting of images.

I think I could use all of these interactive tools in lessons and in our productions. I look forward to teaching how to embed a file to a website. It could be used for reporting stories and locations. Making a poll or survey that could be embedded in our website would be a good addition to our media. Creating a timeline could be an excellent tool in reporting ongoing stories or for tracking events.

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