Produce a Podcast Lesson Plan

Eric Salo Podcasting Lesson: This exercise is an introduction to podcasting and audio editing. It provides links to NPR podcasts as examples to compliment class discussion. Students will write and record a podcast following the examples from NPR. The activities also include a video demonstration of editing audio in Final Cut Pro. The final project… Continue reading Produce a Podcast Lesson Plan

Gardening in the Blue Ridge

Below is the link to my video package project for Kent State Universities’s teaching multimedia class. Production of this project was a good opportunity to polish my video production skills, and an opportunity to learn more about gardening. I enjoyed getting out in the garden to gather footage, and learn from some experts. Interviewing the master gardener… Continue reading Gardening in the Blue Ridge

Elizabeth Chapman: Teaching Sam and Scout

The recent exercises on audio recording and podcasting have introduced me to new skills and technologies that I hope to share with my students. Beginning with recording and posting a quality voice track, then editing multiple audio tracks, and culminating in recording an interview, editing, and posting have been a quality progression in skills. Through… Continue reading Elizabeth Chapman: Teaching Sam and Scout

Teaching Multimedia Essay #1

The multimedia stories “Snow Fall,” from The New York Times, and “The Serengeti Lion,” from The National Geographic are marvelous examples of multimedia storytelling. The combination of in-depth writing, graphic animation, photography, and video in “Snow Fall” seize the audience. I glanced at “The Serengeti Lion,”and then was locked out of the website on my… Continue reading Teaching Multimedia Essay #1